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About Us

The Templar Fund is a private market making trading desk that provides liquidity to the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange. We operate a Wall Street grade trading system built by Rosslyn Technology.

We earn profit in three ways:
(1) The payment of maker fees by BITMEX users
(2) The bid/ask spread
(2) Profit delta of position value

Our clients are not responsibile for the creation or operation of their own trade accounts, and therefore are not subject to FATCA or KYC reporting requirements.  This also permits USA clients to participate.  The Templar Fund is operational and supervised 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Complete reports are released every 10 days. We publish proof of every single trade and provide a live trade stream so that observers can verify the accuracy of our reported results.

Meet the Templar Fund:

Learn about one of the world's best performing & fully transparent Bitcoin hedge funds

The Impossible Trade:

Learn how we bought Bitcoin at $12,202.50 &
sold it with profit at $10,982.50


We are fully transparent

We make every trade public & provide a live trading stream so that you can audit our performance & have confidence in our results.

Everyone is welcome

You are not required to be an accredited investor or to have a minimum net worth.  We welcome everyone from anywhere on earth.

Automate your income

Earn profit with a professional grade trade system that is operated by financial experts.  You don't need to do a thing.

No KYC or income reporting

We do not require ID docs, nor are we obligated to report earnings to anyone.  Your earnings are yours to keep.

Deposits are easy

You can deposit funds to your trade account in many ways including Bitcoin, credit/debit cards, bank transfer and ATMs located in more than 80 countries

No initial deposit

You can open a trade account for free.  When you're ready to trade, we only require more than 0.0001 BTC to get started.

Liquidity every 30 days

You may withdraw some or all of your account balance every 30 days.  Unlike most funds, we do not lock your capital.

Low risk approach

Our market making trading desk offers you market access with very low risk.  We never carry significant market exposure & focus on steady profits.

Low fees

We only charge two fees:
25% of profits earned
2% of funds withdrawn.

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Media Requests

All media requests are responded to within 5 business days.  We offer a free media package & curated content to all approved media partners, as well as paid placements on industry specific sites.